Free Your Mind



Certified PSYCH-K®



PSYCH-K® is a modality that efficiently focuses on the transformation of limiting beliefs held in the subconscious.

The end result of a PSYCH-K® balance is to regain a Subconscious Whole Brain State

The practical result of a Subconscious Whole Brain State is giving you a significant boost in your capacity and capabilites to manifest, attract, and pursue your desired life direction and experiences.

During the PSYCH-K® process we’ll confirm the connection with your subconscious through muscle testing within the structure of our meeting.

This can be done in-person or through a virtual online meeting as well.

The resulting Whole Brain State from a PSYCH-K® balance allows you to expand beyond or out of previously limiting programmed ways of thinking that have been keeping you feeling stuck or holding you back. 

As a PSYCH-K® Facilitator and Clinical Counsellor, Klaus works with people looking to break free from their conscious or unconscious self-limiting  beliefs and create new clear upgraded belief patterns allowing them to step into their next level of growth and fulfillment. 

PSYCH-K® is a spiritual/energetic process with physical, mental and emotional benefits

The PSYCH-K® process is not designed

to diagnose medical problems nor is it a

replacement for medical attention or

professional mental health care.