Blame Bombs & Guilt Energy

Often in my private practice the experience of guilt comes up.

Everyone I know has had to deal with Guilt at certain times in their life.

People can even carry guilt around for many years, sometimes without even realizing the extra weight of this energetic pattern.

Some people have a belief that ‘guilt’ is necessary, as some kind punish for a past deed.

I.e. “I did ‘X’ so I have to feel guilty.”

Or a person may expect or want another person to experience ‘guilt’ for what that person did that was hurtful.

Consider that ‘Guilt’ is something a person carries by choice or it was put on them by an external force. Through external pressure they eventually accepted it as a burden they have to carry.  It leads to a kind of stuck energy that stagnates internally.

‘Remorse’ on the other hand focuses on what can be done to make up for the past actions in the present.  Looking at what can be done differently moving forward so that this action doesn’t repeat.  Far more productive and growth orientated.

‘Guilt Energy’ remains stuck.

‘Remorse Energy’ is practicing change in the present and continuing that change moving forward.

The stuck energy of guilt in a person is where the ‘Blame Bombs’ target and activate so that the person doing the blaming can get an energy  ‘charge’ out of the person with the ‘Guilt’. Like an energetic contract.

An example of this is when I was working with an adult client who grew up in a toxic family system where they were repeatedly told :

You aren’t wanted here,

You’re not good enough,

If it weren’t for you we could do XXX,

It’s all your fault for XXX,


Some major ‘Blame Bombs‘ for a young person to grow up with.

This person took on the feelings of ‘guilt’ for all the blame – and even feeling guilty for being alive.

Interestingly, every time this person works on themselves and heals a part of their internal experience and reclaims their own empowerment, the family system that surrounds them reacts – negatively !

The system often reacts with more blame which leads to the feelings of ‘guilt’ being triggered in the person subjected to the blame.

This is how the system (family, group, couples, organizations, etc.) can manipulate and get an energy charge from the person carrying guilt.

As the ‘GUILT’ card gets played on people ( I’ve even seen parents use this on children) – the people that succumb to this energetic pattern can experience anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and much more over time.

In a book by Vadim Zeland he writes about guilt this way:

As soon as a person indicates they are willing to absorb guilt, a manipulator will stick to that person like glue and feed on their energy.

This dynamic can be avoided simply by refusing taking on feelings of guilt.

You do not need to justify your self.”  – Realty Transurfing

Depending on the person, ‘This dynamic can be avoided simply by refusing to take on feelings of guilt’ — may not be as simple – and may take some time and work in the letting go process.

When I used the flipchart and drew this pattern dynamic as a picture (stick figures only) for the client to see and then sculpted it out, it gave this person a very clear experience and supported them on the decision to stop their side of the pattern.

By letting go of their guilt then stops the family system feeding off their Guilt Energy – . No guilt – then nothing to feed off.

They could see the ‘Blame Bombs’ that their family system has been throwing at them. Even way into adulthood.

Together we worked on shifting several new and specific internal patterns that are far more beneficial in life.  

The practice of these new internal patterns will lead to healthier and more meaningful relationships (other than their specific family), greater security, confidence, contribution, and more peace with themselves moving forward.

It most likley will make the people who have been used to feeding off the Guilt Energy get frustrated and angry, — let them be that way  – and that’s nothing to feel ‘guilty’ about….

PS — It seems that our cat has ZERO Guilt – or Remorse !

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