Depression – Your Space Of Courage & Strength

Depression can have many causes and take on various symptoms.

Recently I was given a book by a friend that added a perspective, insight, and direction to consider.

I thought about what I read and decided to share.

Whether you’re a client, former client, a mastermind group member, or professional group member, this might give you something to consider or share wth someone else.

The author, Carrie Suwal, outlines in her book ‘Heal Using Intuition And Energy’, several ways of working with the emotional roots of various health issues.

She gives insights that I have used personally and when working with others.

With depression, she suggests stepping into “a space of courage and strength to begin doing more of what you love and sparks joy.”

When working with people who find themselves stuck in the darkness and heaviness of depression, I often see that they are focusing on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’.

Consider contrasting ‘why’ with a ‘what’ question, such as ‘what sparks joy?’

Without this kind of question, the mind can just continue to ruminate over and over on the ‘why’ never finding a way out.

The ‘what sparks joy’ question may not always yield an immediate answer. That’s normal.

However, be careful because when no immediate answer comes it can lead a person to give up on the question retreating back into the ‘why am I depressed’ mindset.  

This furthers being stuck in the darkness.

It just seems easier to retreat into the familiar ‘why’ than stay in the mystery of an unanswered ‘what’ question.

It’s important to note that questions are the steering wheel of the mind and what your mind focuses on expands over time.

By bringing a focus on ‘what sparks joy’ – even for short periods of time (it can be challenging) starts to plant seeds in the darkness.

Carrie explains, ” You must water the seeds of light with loving action and loving thoughts so that when the seeds begin to grow, they break though the darkness.”

Even starting with a few seconds of focused thought on ‘what sparks joy’ can start to sprinkle seeds that grow into something better, something other than depression.

Focusing on ‘what sparks joy’ can bring into focus the very thing that brings you joy.

The ‘why’ question waters the seed of depression and we don’t want that!

Mental health and wellness is a deep and personal journey for everyone.

There are no quick and easy answers.

Carrie’s book can give some overall thoughts and exercises to consider and practice.

➤ ‘Heal Using Intuition And Energy’.

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