Is This A Situation Or A Problem?

Letting go of an EXPECTATION can change EVERYTHING.

I recently read about how our minds can turn a ‘Situation That Needs To Be Dealt’ with into a ‘Problem That Is Painful’.

Last week I found myself experiencing a ‘situation’ and began to see how I was turning that ‘situation’ into a ‘painful problem’.

I needed to deal with some technical computer stuff that often confuses me. My default-habit-temptation for something like this (computer techie stuff) is frustration and anger.

I could see myself slipping to the ‘Dark-Side’.

I somehow remembered I had a choice of either dealing with a situation or making it into a painful problem.

So instead of fighting my computer situation which is on the outside,– I begin to deal with my anger on the inside.

There in all the dark-side energy, I found the expectation that was causing me to turn this situation into a problem.

The Expectation:

“I should be able to do this because it’s ‘SUPPOSED TO BE F#@*ING EASY….”

Holding on to that (expectation of competency) = frustration, anger, and pain

Letting go = Freedom from the pain and open to other options

Well, I ended up letting go of that expectation.

By doing just that I let go of creating a lot of pain for myself.

I opened up to a creative solution by hiring someone from a Freelance Company called Upworks. I paid them $30CN and they did it in about 30min what would have taken me many PAINFUL PROBLEM hours of my time.

Totally worth the money.

I expected the person I hired to have the ‘competence’ to do the job. And they totally did.

They expected me to give them the necessary info to get the job done and then get out of the way.

I was more than happy to do that.

The result was peace with myself, with my computer, and the rest of the galaxy as well.

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