What Can Happen When You Go Through The Process To Rebuild

Many times when I work with people it’s like rebuilding.

Sometimes it’s about processing a past or present event, or healing hurt, or letting go of a relationship. Ultimately, it’s all about picking up the pieces and moving forward creating both a better present and future experience, it’s about rebuilding.

I recently experienced working with someone whose life had been altered by an event that shattered their idea of meaning, purpose, and self-image. They felt drained of energy and inspiration. They experienced being lost and having no value.

As they worked on rebuilding themselves it was like starting over from the inside out.

Putting themselves back together step by step by allowing themselves to go through the pain, loss, sadness, and anger. This then led to a place where they could reclaim their own ‘sacred preciousness’ in spite of what happened in the past.

By reclaiming this part of themselves, it sparked inspiration for them to look at life in a more positive way and regain the energy to take steps to create a better life.

It is the process of going through the feelings and inner experience that allows a person to let go of the past, rebuild themselves, and reclaim their own scared preciousness.

This person gained clarity for who they are and what direction to take. Even though it hurt and felt like starting over from zero, they put in the work to rebuild an take action moving forward again creating a new and better kind of life and relationships.

We all can do this, step by step.

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