Living With Bi-Polar, Mindset, and Creating a Med-Free Life

Living with Bi-Polar, Mindset, and Creating a Med-Free Life 

  • Have you ever thought – ‘Would it be possible to be Med-Free?’
  • Do you know of anyone who thinks that way?
  • Have you ever met or talked to someone who had mental health challenges and was able to make enough changes (through work) to the point of being Med-Free?

A good friend of mine, Scott Walker, founder of, is celebrating being able to create a Med-Free life for himself.

► Living with Bi-Polar, Mindset, and Creating a Med-Free Life

His journey with a Bi-Polar diagnosis has been for 22 years.

On his journey he got to a point of asking a life changing question :

“There has to be a better way’.

In this talk Scott shares his insights, experience, and wisdom of what helped him moving forward stepping into a healthier and more productive life.

This is not about being anti-medication. Scott and I both agree that medication has a place and time in certain situations to support someone who is struggling with mental health.

But Scott has taken himself mentally, emotionally, physical, and spiritually to another level with a variety of methods. He’s worked on testing them with himself to fine tune and eventually create a med-free life.

Coming from years of having a Bi-Polar diagnosis, that’s not an easy or light accomplishment.

Click on the link and meet the person who has done it.

► Living with Bi-Polar, Mindset, and Creating a Med-Free Life

Scott believes he’s a regular guy who dared to ask the right questions and have the right focus to create a life that he enjoys having now.

And that anyone can make changes and improve their lives whether they become med-free or not.

To learn more about Scott visit :

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