Habits Create Your Destiny

Your Habits Create Your Destiny

Have you heard of the book : ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear ?

Many people have and it’s been mentioned in my own circle of influence several times over the years.  As I’m going through the book, it puts words and concepts that I have been using both professionally – and personally with myself.

” If you want to predict where you’ll end up in life, all you have to do is follow the curve of tiny gains or tiny losses, and see how your daily choices will compound ten or twenty years down the line. ” p, 18 – James Clear, Atomic Habits

Often we think of ‘Habits’ as actions.

And this is certainy true and necessary to create change and have a life of greater fulfillment. Where I come in professionally is what are the internal thought habits of a person I’m working with.

Often we have deep buried ‘thought habits’ that are holdinng us back.

Recently a client who has been working hard to improve their life and taking many positive outer actions, but then found themsleves trapped repeatedly in a messy drama or an overwhelming life struggle.

They were applying good habits on the outside ( behaviours) but then life seems to fall apart again.

In this particular case – the deeper inner thought ‘Habit’ or thought pattern was

‘I’m not worthy’

This was at the subconscious level and running like a bug in a computer program.

Sound familar? – This inner pattern or habit is common and can show up in diferent ways in various aspects of our life.

Think about this. With this kind internal thought habit, then no matter how many times a person goes to the gym, or how hard they work, or how many hours they practice something, etc. –  they will eventually crash and life with seemly fall apart over and over again.

Which, in this particular case, re-enforced the thought habit of ‘I’m not worthy’ .

What a mental habit trap !

I’ve been working for several years with uncovering core beliefs with clients. Core beliefs can be healthy and moving in a fulfilling life direction OR holding a person back like an anchor.

With this particular client we were able to uncover the hidden subconscious thought habit and create a new and much healthier pattern at the subconscious level.

From there, inner thought habits with habitual actions and can be more aligned creating a much smoother, efficient, and filling life.

One of the ways to uncover and change deeper core beliefs & inner habits is through a subconcious process called PSYCH-K.

Free Your Mind – PSYCH-K

I’ve been using this process with clients and for myself creating what Jame Clear refers to as  ‘tiny gains’ over time.

In his book, James Clear points out that it’s the tiny gains that add up to big wins over time.


  • What are your thought habits?
  • What are your action habits?
  • What are your deeper subconscious patterns? Positive or Negative?

Bringing both clinical skills and the PSYCH-K process into sessions has been moving clients forward with greater efficiency, depth, and inspiration.

Free Your Mind – PSYCH-K

If you’re inspiried to change any habit big or small, check out the book at your favorite bookstore or library.

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