How To Go From Poison Into Medicine

A man named Morris Goodman is an example of turning a bad situation into something greater than he every imagined possible for himself.

In 1981 he crashed his plane and was so badly injured that the only thing he could move were his eye lids.

The doctors told him that this was all that he would be able to do for the rest of his life. He made a ‘choice’ — a ‘decision’ — to walk out of the hospital.

He used his mind and began to heal step by step.

Check out the story : Morris Goodman Story 

One good thing from his situation is that it inspired me ( and many others) to use our minds to create a better life. There are many others that have experienced horrible situations and have eventually found a gift through it all and the joy of sharing it for the benefit of others.

Life may seem unfair until you find the ‘gift’ .

However, when a person holds onto blame or resentment (aka poison) this will keep the ‘gift’ (aka medicine) away even more.

History has given us many examples of people facing and overcoming unwanted situations only to turn it all around for the benefit of not only themselves but as a benefit, inspiration, light, direction, etc., for many others as well.

The Morris story is an example of how what he focused his mind on expanded into reality. 

Sure it took work — but he sure looks good now and has such appreciation and loves sharing his wisdom with others of what is possible when we use our minds.

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