Do This To Increase Creativity

In Dr, Robert Anthony’s book titled ‘ Beyond Positive Thinking’ he writes how holding onto negativity impacts our creativity.

Here are some of the main culprits that suck away anyone’s creative energy :

  • Holding on to a bad experience from childhood – lose 20% (at least)
  • Holding on to something your partner or you did in a failed relationship lose 5% (at least)
  • Holding on to an event or business that did not work out then you are losing 10% (at least)
  • Not doing something you know you should be doing about your health then you are losing 5% (at least)
  • If you are living in fear, or worrying all the time then you are losing 30% (at least)

A person can be wasting easily 70% or more of their creative energy without knowing about it. Creative energy isn’t just limited to being an artist, or musician, or writer, or whatever, it is basically how you use your creative energy in your life to create your life.

Your creativity is manifested in where you live, your relationships, your career, your health, your travels, your contribution, etc.

To receive more from life we need to give more. To give more means letting go of any negativity that holds our creative energy back.

Working on yourself letting go of any negativity actually frees that space to be filled with more creative energy to move forward in your life. This leads to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life for yourself and is a blessing to the world as a whole.

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