Higher Consciousness For Better Solutions

We’ve all heard the quote : “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”  by Einstein.  I wonder if this world situation is a way of practicing the raising of our consciousness.  

It is in a difficult and challenging time that requires us to reach deeper into ourselves and then change ourselves (aka our conscious level) in order to deal with and resolve a situation for our benefit and ultimately for the world as a whole. 

It is in the experience of ‘worry, anxiety, anger,  resentment, etc., that we can catch ourselves – become very present in the moment, and actually make the change and shift to higher energy i.e. acceptance, peace, joy, love, appreciation, excitement, wonder, etc. 

In other words, letting go the of old way of thinking/being and grabbing hold of a new way of thinking/being.

Slowing down and feeling the internally process of change by choosing higher emotional energy is raising consciousness. This is usually done through a conscious choice WHILE in the middle of a crisis.  Being able to slow down to be present with the process of change internally can be uncomfortable.

But that actually means there is a change in consciousness happening.

Easier to say than to do, of course.

But anyone that surrenders to the process and consciously chooses to experience and practice higher emotional energies while in the midst of a crisis eventually taps into higher consciousness and burns out the old way of thinking in favour of the new way of ‘thinking/being’.

Each of us at times faces our own world crumbling in some form or another. Job loss, relationship loss, money loss, health loss, loved one loss, covid-19 pandemic, etc., and each situation requires a raise in consciousness to make a better life from the old way of being to the new improved way of thinking/being.

In my own journey I have had life situations finally exhaust me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to the point of total acceptance and surrender. I was exhausted and could no longer fight to hold onto to my old patterns of thinking/being.

Guess what? Once I let go of fear and my old ways of thinking life began to change for the better!

This world situation can be an opportunity to practice and strive for a higher level of consciousness.

One of my practices is at least 15min a day of reviewing my ‘Grateful Experience List’.

Of the many benefits, one for sure is that it boosts the immune system, which we can all use in difficult times.

Another benefit is our neural pathways are being developed and strengthened in the brain in the way we choose to think and be.

This leads to new solutions and possibilities because we raised the level of our own consciousness. This also leads us into a healthier and more prosperous life for ourselves.

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