How I Changed An ‘Anxiety Bubble’

Yesterday I felt an ‘anxiety bubble’ come up inside of me. Nothing major, but I did feel it well up inside.

There was the thought of losing the chance to help some of the people I serve because of the pandemic situation we are finding ourselves in.

What did I do with this thought and feeling?

I stopped.
I paused.

I saw it and slowed down with observation and compassion for the feeling.

I changed my thinking. A re-frame and re-focus.

What if I just bring my focus on what I Actually Have – And What I Can Do Today At This Moment – The Now- ?

For example, at this moment, today, I still have people to serve, I have a home, I have food, I have an income, I have my health, I have a family, etc.

By staying present with gratitude for what I have and focusing on what I can do in the moment – my experience of myself began to change.

What happened next?

I felt the ‘anxiety bubble’ fade away.

I’m sure people have different feelings come up at times. What and how we process and change ourselves at that time to deal with what is happening can be diverse.

Whether it’s a meditation, a walk, sing, dance, gratitude, or whatever works for you.

One thing is to take time whether personally or professionally and focus on giving something of value to another.

See what happens with anxiety or fear when you focus on the giving.

Even for just a moment.

At the end of the day you can be grateful that you took that moment in time.

For even a ‘moment’ of your giving to another can echo through eternity.

Be grateful with yourself that you had the chance to give or do something for another person or the environment today.

So when you look back on your day before you sleep for the night, you can say to yourself ‘ I did something that helped another, or the world in some small or big way.

And you did it.

Thank you

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