The Purpose…. Your Gift

The Purpose of life is to discover your Gift …..

From teens to mature adults, tapping into your gift can feel like hide and seek at times.

It can even change throughout your various life cycles throughout your life.

Often (but not always) mental health challenges arise because someone has NOT been able to connect to their deeper purpose and meaning.

I often say to clients that education, a career, relationships, owning a home, raising a family, and so on are different aspects of life and can be very rewarding for sure.

But often just obtaining these aspects is not always enough for a deeper fulfilling life.


Within the context of education, a career, relationships, etc., there is the :

Discovering of our ‘Gifts’.

Then ‘Developing Our Gifts’

Then ‘Giving Our Gifts Away’.

So that in the end we lived our life fully and gave completely.

Discovering your gifts is one step. Developing that gift then takes effort, persistence, and commitment.

Then stepping up and giving it away takes courage.

On the other hand, not doing so can create and inner emptiness that nothing from the outside can fulfil.

People do try to deal or avoid that emptiness, and that can lead to all kinds of stress and eventual mental and physical struggles.

What is your gift?

How will you develop it?

How will you give it away?

The World Needs It !

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