Letting Go To Let Your Good Come In

Consider looking into ‘Letting Go and Release’ in order to :

Allow- the good to come in.

This is ancient wisdom.

Letting go of any regrets that your clinging on to,

Letting go of any anxieties that you may still be carrying

Letting go of any anger, resentment or fear, that you may still be holding on to …

In order for increasing the good to come into our life – we have to let go of the things that block it.

Often, I see people that hold onto regrets, resentments, anger, thinking that they’ll cling onto these until things are better –waiting until more good things come.

Guess what –  It doesn’t work that way.

We have to let go first – then we can receive. I don’t make the rules – I just have to practice working with them.

There is a story about a village where someone once tied a stone to a rope and put the rope around their waist.  And everyone saw that and did the same, it was most likely someone who everyone thought was really cool and popular. Anyway they saw it, they thought it was a good idea and that’s the way you’re supposed to live life.

And then every year, this person, and all the other villagers would add a stone.  Then year after year they would add more stones until they could barely walk around, trailing a train of stones behind them. Wondering what made life so hard to live.

We can be all like that at times. Especially as we age, we tend to accumulate life experiences that from time to time actually need a psychic cleansing or detox.

 As we approach the end of the year, this is the perfect opportunity to let go of things that hold us back. Especially any of the negative feelings that we still carry.

Now there are two ways to release our train of stones.

We can release it with resentment or we can release it with a sense of empowerment and freedom.

Well, releasing with resentment is like working out to get fit and healthy and then right afterwards ordering a super meal at one of the big name fast food hamburger places.

I’m sure you can think of a few, and doing just that action would deter or stop all the effort you just put into your workout.

The point is, releasing anything with resentment really isn’t going to move your life forward In much of a positive way, if at all.

Then there is the 2nd way.

A way that enhances our life for our benefit with empowerment and freedom.

And the phrase to release whatever we’re clinging is  “I bless and release Blank.”

Of course there is a process around that using that phrase to make it more real and not just words or lip service. It has to be embodied to make it effective.

What we’re striving for is to let it go – people, habits, ideas, items – filled with a sense of perhaps thanking it for what it has taught us or brought us – and genuinely wishing it well in on its journey.

That doesn’t mean whatever happened in the past that was hurtful, or unfair, or deceitful, or whatever, is now OK.

It just means I’ll take the lessons and learning, usually something about my own resilience as an example, and letting go in order to have more focus on creating and growing. Rather than clinging to bitterness, anger, resentment, and worst of all revenge.  

That will mess you up for sure.

I like taking something from the Buddhist philosophy which is “Changing poison into medicine.”

That’s one of my favourite concepts.

So in a sense, this process is a way of stripping ourselves down naked as in a mental detox, so we can walk into our new year free and more pure..

Which is what it takes to change poison to medicine.

By taking personal inventory, doing your own mental detox as the year comes closer to the end, will then allow more space and place for good to come.

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