What Is Your Undervalued Superpower?

What’s Your Undervalued Superpower?

I’ve been following Rich Litvin, who is the author of ‘The Prosperous Coach‘ for some time now.

Recently I got this email from him about ‘Undervalued Superpowers‘, that I really liked.

So I thought I’d share his list of ’11 Undervalued Superpowers’ with you because I find it touching that everyone one I work with has their own ‘Superpower’.

And often when it’s done so naturally it can get overlooked – or even worse it gets discounted as nothing worthy.

Owning and acknowledging your gifts or superpowers is not about being arrogant or ‘better then’ others. It’s about appreciating it in order to give it away with greater joy.

Here they are from Rich Litvin’s list.


   11 Undervalued Superpowers based on Rich Litvin

  1. The ability to DISCONNECT in a world that is always connected—is an

undervalued superpower.

2. The ability to go HIGH TOUCH in a world focused on high tech—is an

undervalued superpower.

    3. The ability to SERVE in a world that is always selling—is an

undervalued superpower.

4. The ability to CREATE LEADERS instead of creating followers—is an

undervalued superpower.

  5. The ability to BE THE ONE WHO LOVES THE MOST instead of giving 50% and waiting for 50% in return—is an undervalued superpower.

  6. The ability to BE TRULY VULNERABLE in a world that praises confidence—is an undervalued superpower.

7. The ability to put ACTION OVER PERFECTION—is an undervalued superpower

8. The ability to SLOW DOWN when everyone else is speeding up—is an

undervalued superpower.

   9. The ability to CREATE THE FUTURE instead of responding to circumstances—is an undervalued superpower.

   10. The ability to build QUALITY CONNECTIONS when everyone else is focused on the quantity of their connections—is an undervalued superpower.

   11. The ability to ASTONISH CLIENTS in a world that’s focused on getting clients—is an undervalued superpower.


Which ones fit for you – maybe all !


Often our ‘Superpowers’ develop from our past Super-Challenges and Super-Hardships that we went through.

When we can see how our ‘Superpowers’ can be used to support, help, and guide others it can even heal – or begin healing some of our past wounds.

Consider the list – take it in. Then see how you can use one or more in your life with intention and appreciation.

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