Where Is Your Truth And Calling Leading You?

What we tell ourselves about our Truth and Calling can lead us either forward into a life of greater growth, fulfillment, and contribution.

OR – it can leave us – vulnerable to a life of greater frustration, disappointment, emptiness, and even despair.

Often when we are not clear of our Truth and Calling – we can get pulled into other people’s missions.

Not saying that another person’s mission isn’t important or not worthy of consideration.

But when we are not clear on our own Truth and Calling IN our life and FOR our life – then we can easily loose ourselves into other people’s worlds and lives that leave us drained, angry, and even resentful.

For example, consider how there are an infinite number of causes, charities, missions, that could use our time, energy, resources. And most of these are valid and could use our support.

But if you gave to each and every charity that came to you all that you had and took on their mission, what would happen to YOUR life?

Now some people believe that helping others at all costs is a noble cause. Now, helping others as a personal value is something we can certainly keep and aspire to do more of as we evolve.

However we want to make sure we align first with our own Truth and Calling, which from what I have seen and experienced in my life actually leads to supporting and helping others in very  positive and healthy ways.

In other words when our heart, mind, and soul are aligned, clear, and in sync with our Truth and Calling, it naturally leads to the benefit of others around us.

At times in life we have to look at aspects of our life that we need to let go to move forward.

Yes, letting go is part of the package of life when we grow and change.

And if we did let go, it would free up our energy and resources to connect to the Truth of Your Soul in a much deeper and meaningful way.

It’s about letting go of what no longer serves us anymore.

Now this may sound selfish, but look at it this way. By stepping into a new life situation that is more in line with your Truth and Calling what happens to your energy?

Your Thoughts? — Your Feelings? — Your Outlook on Life?

Most likely a lot brighter and happier. And when a person shows up in life in a much brighter and happier state because they are aligned with their Truth and Calling, they are just naturally led into being more giving, generous, and supportive of others around them.

The same goes for the opposite state of mind and life choices. It can leave a person stuck in the darker side of life.

It comes to a personal choice of stepping into more of our Truth and Calling which leads to greater growth, fulfillment, and contribution 

– Or if we don’t it can leave us vulnerable to a life of greater frustration, disappointment, emptiness, and even despair.


It’s not easy stepping into your Truth and Calling,

but not to do so is like death of the Soul




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