What Lights You Up? What Your Calling?

Sometimes when I ask that question of people I work with it can lead to some confusion and even creates some uncomfortable chaos for them.

Often it’s because they grew up with the idea that asking yourself that kind of question is wasting time, or that’s something only kids can ask themselves, but as adults we need to give up that kind of thinking and be reasonable, practical, and realistic.

I’ve seen people as they’ve entered adulthood the narrowing down of their creativity, imagination, and worst of all their passion for life and their calling in life.

It’s like it gets shut down.

They get sucked up into the societal system of  ‘this is how it’s supposed to be as an adult.’ Follow this path that has been laid out for you.

By schools, parents, community, society, and so on.

Now sometimes these systems that we’re in can fit for us – AND –  sometimes they don’t fit for us.

By listening to your calling, to connect with what lights you up, doesn’t mean the journey is easy or that you have to quit you job the next day. — Not at all.

But at least consider and start to expand your life with what lights you up.

And then the next part of this process of connecting with a calling or what lights you up, is about : WHO DO YOU NEED TO BE TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN?

You see that’s where an internal transformation process happens. Often letting go of old beliefs and internal psychological systems in order to take yourself to the next level.

In my own experience when growing or -out-growing my old self-, self-doubt can start to expand in the mind. And I can  see how I could  be doing something else more safe, secure, and predictable.  Certainly less taxing or challenging than following my calling.

And I remember one particular time as I was in that low state and point, there was this other internal part of me –that  spoke up inside and the basic message was ‘You are either COMING ALIVE or just KILLING TIME  – And you know that.”

At times being in chaos and going through life challenges is actually a way of COMING ALIVE. Not always fun but a necessary step moving forward.

Looking back, I needed certain experiences, certain life situations, in order to become and be the person who could make my calling happen if I stayed committed.

Fortunately I’ve found certain counsellors, mentors, and coaches that have supported me on my path.

The benefit of meeting with a counsellor, coach, or mentor is to be supported by another growth-minded person that supports you when the journey gets rough and confusing.

And I know what it’s like to do it on your own as well. It can be really tough.

You can end up giving up on your calling, what lights you up – because it does get tough at times. And to have the right kind of people around you can make such a difference on your journey.

So 3 things to consider starting 2021:

1)   Consider What’s your calling? What lights you up?

2)   Consider the question: Who Do You Need To Be To Make That Happen?

And those questions can be revisited at various times in our life. It’s not like you get it one time and your done. I know – it doesn’t work that way.

3)   Choose wisely who you surround yourself with to get the best support on your journey.

Sometimes getting some clarity and direction can make a big difference in your life projection 3 – 6 months from now.

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